Earthworms! Experiments!

I can’t stand looking at earthworms. I can feel the hair on my skin standing. Whenever I see previews of documentaries about earthworms, I really would change the channel or close my eyes. And yaiks, other people took the challenge of eating earthworms alive! Well, people are created with different characteristics. I’m one of those who would not even touch any worm or else I would faint. If all the people in the world would have a phobia of some sort, phobia of worms and snakes, I belong to that group. Maybe I would take other challenges like sky diving than to have a photo with a snake on my neck or holding earthworms in my hands.

It’s true that when you are fearful of something, that fear would paralyze you in some ways. I remember when I was a child, I saw a small earthworm, as thin as a needle, passing my foot. I did not feel it but it made me freeze for minutes. I did not have the courage to remove it from my foot. I just let it pass. It was the longest 2 minutes ever!

Another encounter with earthworms was during one of the strongest typhoons, Laurence and I were walking along Ortigas, because of the heavy rains, earthworms were sliding down the road. Wheew! I screamed and I looked like dancing tinikling.

Well, homeschooling forced me to work with earthworms. I have no other choice but to do our experiment. Of course, with the assistance of other people. Thanks to my helper for digging the soil to get some worms. Again, wheew! the earthworms she got were so big and fat. With the help of Laurence (thanks Dad!), inspite of his busy hour (he has a meeting at 10am), the first trial was successful. We were supposed to do 10 trials but we were not successful in finishing it. Even if we just did 2 trials, we were convinced that God is really a great creator.

What we just want to prove in our experiment was that God created living things and He placed them in suitable environment best for them. Plants and animals they will grow and multiply in cold places, Others would be best suited in warm places. Like the earthworms, they don’t need much light, they would be more comfortable underground. When we put the earthworms on top of the soil, we timed how fast would they go underneath. They were fast. It’s their comfort zone!

Earthworms are useful in making plants healthy by what they do to the soil. They contribute in the balance of nature. That’s what Adrian contributed upon reading books about earthworms. So I said to myself, ‘Ok, fine.”

Since we were working on worms, my son cut the worms into two. Maybe he was just curious if the book is true that one way to reproduce worms is through regeneration. I just said to myself, Oh no! another worm. There will be more experiments to come but good thing my husband is very supportive.