Field Trip to Singapore Zoo 2007

Satisfaction guaranteed. After taking a bath in the fountain, relaxation time for Mich.


Aussie Outback! Yippee!!!

Dad made sure that this time, she will not get hurt with this slide.

Thirsty and hungry!

Seals anyone?

Giant ferns!
Refreshed Adrian!
She loves Kanga!
Happy kids!
Tram ride… Michelle’s favorite
Shortest to Tallest + One
It was our second time to visit Singapore Zoo and we love it! I have never been so fond of animals but when we visited the zoo in 2005, I was convinced that this is a place that visitors in Singapore should not miss. Not only that we saw animals that we don’t see in the Philippines but we were amazed at the zoo in general.


Our recent trip was more memorable with Nanay’s presence. It was her first international trip. We are so sure that she will not remember her vacation with us.
It’s true that the more the merrier. We enjoyed touring the zoo where we saw giant ferns, penguins, sea lions, of course the polar bear show. We waited for the feeding time of Sheba and Inuka, the very adorable polar bears.
Michelle’s favorites were the giraffes (where she danced to the tribal song), kangaroos, tram and playground at the zoo. This time our kids were able to take a bath in the playground fountain even if they don’t have swimsuits and some clothes for changing.
After exhausting all our energies, we rode the tram for another whole tour of the zoo before saying goodbye to the zoo. At the end of our journey, we ended up hungry, thirsty and tired but happy.