Funfest 2007

Waiting for the helicopter to drop candies

As years went by, Halloween is being celebrated more in the Philippines with much of western influence. The preparations and decorations in malls and even in villages are some of the evidence. Parents are busy dressing their children with the most creative and unique costumes. Even ordinary barangay residents prepare for children who will do trick or treat.

As a family we don’t celebrate Halloween (derived from All Hallows Eve). We don’t agree that kids are nice to see dressed in a witch or devil costumes. It’s like identifying kids with those characters which of course parents would not want.

With the commercialism and gaining popularity of Halloween celebration, our kids were not left somewhat “deprived” of celebration that other kids enjoy. Kids Church had treated kids with fun, activities, games and show. For 2 years now, at the Fort Every Nation vicinity, booths, play areas, food stalls, and many more treats were there for children and families.

There were many families who attended with kids wearing their favorite superhero costumes. The little girl wearing Amihan costume of Encantada caught our eyes. She was so cute but it was not easy to wear costume because of the humidity. I know that my kids would also like to wear costumes but we chose not to at this time to avoid discomfort. Anyway, we had a picture with superheroes (Supergirl, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Incredible Hulk).

We missed some interesting things like the alpaca who is a relative of lamas. We missed Esther’s spa too, where little girls are given massage and parlor treatment.

Our funfest day was just a completion of our family day celebrating Adrian’s 8th birthday. We started our day with kids playing at Market Market with their cousins from Mindoro. Adrian enjoyed a play all you can treat at The Little Martian with his Dad.

It was a day full of fun, treat and eat for Ad, Mich, Tin and Mac (who happened to be a first-timer in Manila).