Homeschool Stuff

Ice cream really ice cream, what a treat!

One proof of God’s faithful provision and bonus to me for choosing my family over career in the corporate world is my chance to homeschool and to do a part-time job. It was God who placed me over this kind of job. It was true that God provided a ram in replacement of Isaac’s life in obedience of Abraham to God. When I obeyed the call to be with my children in their growing years on a full-time capacity, God provided a work for me at home with minimal time required. Later on, I realized that God prepared my part-time job and honored my desire ahead of time. In fact, I started with that part-time job while I was still performing my full-time job. It was really amazing.
Until this day, I am doing that same job. Good that homeschool is so flexible that even if we have regular class hours, I can modify our schedule anytime. Since I know what tickles my children’s creative mind, I have supplies and stocks of activities that will make them busy for hours. Stuff like beads, colored papers, markers of all types, paints, clay, paper money, things from the kitchen, chopsticks, grains, my scrapbooking supplies and a lot more are included in the list. So when I have to go out or busy about something, homeschool still runs smoothly.

Above are some of the pictures taken while I’m doing my stuff.