Christmas 2007

We usually stay home during Christmas eve but this year, we opted celebrating in the province with my husband’s family. We had a simple “noche buena” at my brother-in-laws house in San Pablo City, Laguna. There, my children and their cousins got to spend longer time by playing.

In the morning, we went on strolling around the place to see one of the seven lakes in San Pablo City. It was interesting to see Sampaloc Lake because my son’s past lesson in Filipino tackled a story or a legend about that lake. Though it was just a legend, it gave us something to think about why it was called Sampaloc Lake.
There were bicycles for rent by the lake. We decided to take a tour around the lake for the kids to enjoy the view and to know what’s surrounding it. Though the bikes were old and difficult to use, we were able to circle the lake. Our muscles got to work and how we wished there is a massage session after that exercise.
We rented two sidecars and a solo bike for me. My kids were so amazed to see me riding a solo bike. Along the journey, aside from the lake itself and the fishpens, we saw ducks, monkey and tropical trees that have fruits. It was raining a bit but it didn’t stop us from biking because we were ready with our umbrellas.
In the afternoon, we then went to Majayjay to greet our relatives. It was a long trip going home but paying respect to elders specially in this holiday season is something important for the family than all the wrapped gifts.


She loves every bit of attention from me. She even uses a bell to get my attention especially when I’m giving only half of my “divided attention”. Children are smart. They also know when you are minding of what they do.

This activity of Michelle makes her more creative, increase her vocabulary and master spelling of words. Uses of different characters in the story widens the sphere that influences her. By this kind of play at the same time learning, she becomes more aware about her surroundings.
More than the learning experience, she loves being appreciated. A clap or mere hug makes her smile and contented that what she does makes sense. It also inspires her to stretch her limit.

Homeschool Community Service Christmas Party

Ready to give their gifts to their sponsored kid

Indigent kids of Pasig being reached out by Victory Christian Fellowship Pasig were invited to attend a Christmas party prepared by VCS Homeschool. It was a privilege to share something with them. Our children somehow granted their wish by asking their parents to buy what the children were wishing for. Most of their wishes are toys and clothes. Most of the invited children had a letter given to the ones who gave them a gift.
There were games and food of course. Adrian won the longest Happy Birthday Jesus game as usual. I think he mastered it already. During birthday parties, most of the time he wins this game if not he is the second.
At the end of the party, everybody was satisfied that children were blessed in our own little way. As one of the teachers of these children said, “It’s really something big for them. They were so happy.”

Soccer Christmas Party

VCS Football Club held a mini tournament cum Christmas party last week. Members were divided into 6 groups where they had a knock out to “championship”. Coaches awarded a best player medal for each category.
It was just a simple celebration where families brought in food of like pancit, pasta, barbeque, roast beef, kakanin, salads, juices and many more.
Coaches recieved a special christmas basket from the club. We are thankful for the perseverance and dedication of the coaches to train and mentor our children to be better in sports particularly soccer. We hope that someday, our children would bring glory to our nation through this sports.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, La Lala La Lala

Our November 30 was designated to be an official day for christmas tree setting and lighting. Since it is also a holiday (Bonifacio Day), I decided not to have academic lessons but purely art activities where we made our ornaments and last minute buying of lacking supplies.
My kids waited patiently for the proper time that the tree will be set up. They underwent the marshmallow test and was successful. It has always been our practice to let their Dad do the setting up then everybody in the family helps in decorating it.
For kids, one of the highlights of christmas decor is the tree and it’s lights and ornaments. How we wish we could have a fresh pine tree as the christmas tree inside our house.
We embellished our tree with our ornaments collected every year. It’s our tradition to buy our special ornament for each one of us. It depicts our character by the choices we make.

Homeschool Stuff

Ice cream really ice cream, what a treat!

One proof of God’s faithful provision and bonus to me for choosing my family over career in the corporate world is my chance to homeschool and to do a part-time job. It was God who placed me over this kind of job. It was true that God provided a ram in replacement of Isaac’s life in obedience of Abraham to God. When I obeyed the call to be with my children in their growing years on a full-time capacity, God provided a work for me at home with minimal time required. Later on, I realized that God prepared my part-time job and honored my desire ahead of time. In fact, I started with that part-time job while I was still performing my full-time job. It was really amazing.
Until this day, I am doing that same job. Good that homeschool is so flexible that even if we have regular class hours, I can modify our schedule anytime. Since I know what tickles my children’s creative mind, I have supplies and stocks of activities that will make them busy for hours. Stuff like beads, colored papers, markers of all types, paints, clay, paper money, things from the kitchen, chopsticks, grains, my scrapbooking supplies and a lot more are included in the list. So when I have to go out or busy about something, homeschool still runs smoothly.

Above are some of the pictures taken while I’m doing my stuff.

Funfest 2007

Waiting for the helicopter to drop candies

As years went by, Halloween is being celebrated more in the Philippines with much of western influence. The preparations and decorations in malls and even in villages are some of the evidence. Parents are busy dressing their children with the most creative and unique costumes. Even ordinary barangay residents prepare for children who will do trick or treat.

As a family we don’t celebrate Halloween (derived from All Hallows Eve). We don’t agree that kids are nice to see dressed in a witch or devil costumes. It’s like identifying kids with those characters which of course parents would not want.

With the commercialism and gaining popularity of Halloween celebration, our kids were not left somewhat “deprived” of celebration that other kids enjoy. Kids Church had treated kids with fun, activities, games and show. For 2 years now, at the Fort Every Nation vicinity, booths, play areas, food stalls, and many more treats were there for children and families.

There were many families who attended with kids wearing their favorite superhero costumes. The little girl wearing Amihan costume of Encantada caught our eyes. She was so cute but it was not easy to wear costume because of the humidity. I know that my kids would also like to wear costumes but we chose not to at this time to avoid discomfort. Anyway, we had a picture with superheroes (Supergirl, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Incredible Hulk).

We missed some interesting things like the alpaca who is a relative of lamas. We missed Esther’s spa too, where little girls are given massage and parlor treatment.

Our funfest day was just a completion of our family day celebrating Adrian’s 8th birthday. We started our day with kids playing at Market Market with their cousins from Mindoro. Adrian enjoyed a play all you can treat at The Little Martian with his Dad.

It was a day full of fun, treat and eat for Ad, Mich, Tin and Mac (who happened to be a first-timer in Manila).

Field Trip to Singapore Science Center

Adrian’ head only? How was that? Quasi oh Quasi!

Mechanical works. The nose knows. Egg-hunter Mich.
One of our 7 days in Singapore was spent in Singapore Science Center. It was worth the time and travel. Our eyes and mind were filled with awesome things about science. From the optical illusions to nanotechnology to robotics and high tech house, we were delighted to see numerous exhibits of how science and scientific studies are used.
Not only that kids enjoyed talking with a 3 year old robot named Quasi, but we loved it as well. We were not satisfied talking with him just once but we went back to his station. Kids and adults love Quasi. Mich even asked Quasi to dance and Adrian taught Quasi some Filipino words like “paalam at salamat“.
While father and son went to experience the movie “Dinosaur”, Mich and mom toured the souvenir store and Mcdonald’s for some refreshment.

Swimming Class

Adrian attends swimming class for beginners every Saturday at Makati Aquatic Sports Arena. Though his P.E. is soccer, we took the momentum gained from last summer’s breakthrough for him to enjoy swimming and be confident with water. This also paved the way for all the members of our family to swim while waiting for Ad.

Field Trip to Singapore Zoo 2007

Satisfaction guaranteed. After taking a bath in the fountain, relaxation time for Mich.


Aussie Outback! Yippee!!!

Dad made sure that this time, she will not get hurt with this slide.

Thirsty and hungry!

Seals anyone?

Giant ferns!
Refreshed Adrian!
She loves Kanga!
Happy kids!
Tram ride… Michelle’s favorite
Shortest to Tallest + One
It was our second time to visit Singapore Zoo and we love it! I have never been so fond of animals but when we visited the zoo in 2005, I was convinced that this is a place that visitors in Singapore should not miss. Not only that we saw animals that we don’t see in the Philippines but we were amazed at the zoo in general.


Our recent trip was more memorable with Nanay’s presence. It was her first international trip. We are so sure that she will not remember her vacation with us.
It’s true that the more the merrier. We enjoyed touring the zoo where we saw giant ferns, penguins, sea lions, of course the polar bear show. We waited for the feeding time of Sheba and Inuka, the very adorable polar bears.
Michelle’s favorites were the giraffes (where she danced to the tribal song), kangaroos, tram and playground at the zoo. This time our kids were able to take a bath in the playground fountain even if they don’t have swimsuits and some clothes for changing.
After exhausting all our energies, we rode the tram for another whole tour of the zoo before saying goodbye to the zoo. At the end of our journey, we ended up hungry, thirsty and tired but happy.
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