I Scream for Ice Cream

Sorbetes. While the three of us take delight with Filipino fave flavors such us ube, keso, mango, halo halo, macapuno, my coconut nut (brown on the outside, white on the inside) daughter, enjoys vanilla ice cream. I never thought that she likes ice cream that much until I found several photos of her eating ice cream. As a matter of fact, during dinner time, she’s hoping we have some ice cream in the freezer. Most of the time she would ask us to buy her ice cream when we go out of town. It must be a tradition of some sort that I didn’t notice til today.

How can I describe this photo below? A silent way of saying don’t take a photo of me? Or meditating on how yummy it was.


We went out to pasyal Poochie but she was the one who got the treat.icecream2

It was winter and snowy in Colorado that time but she still got her ice cream. icecream3



IMG_1249 icecream2




Well, I found an evidence. Below is her early art work. 🍦She didn’t forget the cherry.icecream