Happy New Year!

OurĀ first New Year’s eve celebration in the US. We were used to the loud noise and air pollution caused by fireworks and firecrackers in every corner of Manila. So to remember Manila’s way of welcoming the new year, we somehow got some sparklers and celebrated in the parking lot of our Utah apartment with snow in the background.

This year, 2019, we wanted to have sparklers but the stores don’t sell them (hello Walmart). Party City carries them but too late, they closed at 8PM. Here’s to welcome 2020! May our new decade be filled with better opportunities, growth & maturity, healthy well being, beautiful memories, stronger family bonds and success beyond our imagination. So many things transpired in the last 10 years, good and bad, happy and sad. But one remained steadfast, the love of Jesus for us. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!IMG_4568IMG_4572 IMG_4571