Sharing is Caring

“Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them.” Prov. 3:27

This card was sent to a patient during one of those kids camp at The Rock church where each kid prepared a box with goodies for young cancer patients. More than the material things and simple letters that patients received, everyone at the camp prayed for them too. We can never go wrong when we share no matter how big or small. Reading this always makes my heart melt like a caramel.♡♡♡ I noticed, all that she gave were things that she likes most.

Another throwback, when Adrian was just a little boy, around 7 years old, he had a piggy bank where he keeps all his money. You know how Aunts and Uncles give money randomly and elder’s cash gifts for kids during Christmas? He puts them in that piggy bank. For his age, it was quite an amount that he knows he can use to buy toys or anything that he likes. Then one day, Ad told me that there’s a baby who needs financial help for her heart surgery. I asked him if he is okay with giving all his money away. Without any hesitation, he agreed. I was so proud of him because I was just testing him that moment. He donated the money. The baby had her successful surgery and living a healthy, normal life now.

I’m writing this not to brag or be glorified as people who help but may this serve as a reminder to my kids that they had been a blessing to others in need and may they continue to be a blessing to people around them now or in the future. cardtoasickperson